A boundless passion for precious gems combined with an innate business skills: so it was born in the early nineties in Sanremo, by bold vision and strong will of the founder Gianni Currado, the engaging story of Maison Currado; a story full of exclusive creations, original models, precious treasures that still can give unique emotions to the recipient or wearing.

In 2004 Another important chapter: the House is enriched by the skills of Barbara, daughter of John and GIA gemologist; Moreover, the brand made its debut in Milan, with the opening of the boutique in Via Flavio Bracchini.

Given the success of the store, in 2007, boutiques in the city become two: opens a new office in the most prestigious Milanese showcase, Piazza Duomo, to better satisfy the demands of a luxury evolving market.

The challenge in the future is this: keep alive the craft tradition of goldsmiths whose Currado experience relies in order to create their own jewelry with unique design, at the same time along a path of innovation and originality, both in materials and techniques used in. What remains constant over the years is the attention to the price and the undeniable quality that makes the Currado brand coveted and highly recognizable.

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